Friday, September 1, 2017

The most wonderful time of the year

   Autumn, the greatest season of all if you are a sportsman. I love this time of year. It's filled with the anticipation of future hunts, fantastic fishing and great times that are to be had soaking up the colorful splendor and activity of  a woodland realm getting ready for it's slumber.

   As the greens fade and start to yellow, the maples put on their crimson coats. Brook trout transform into their most magnificent form wearing their Sunday best as they ready for the big dance. Mighty salmon run up tiny creeks than may be only knee deep, while chevrons of Canadian geese grace the sky. The air turns cool and sweet with the smell of fresh fallen leaves while the blazed colors of the woods make me feel dizzy as wander through them, making it hard to visually focus on anything. Grouse flush and stop the heart while fresh rubs betray the presence of a buck in the area. Moose tracks in the mud make me wonder where the great forest king is now, as a plethora of fungi suddenly explode from the forest floor around them. And near the end, the tamarack weeps and it's needles drift like snow in the air as a harbinger to all of what is coming... These are some of my favorite things.

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