Friday, April 20, 2018

Successful Hare Hunt.

I spend a lot of time each winter snowshoeing and hunting. I love being in the woods on snowshoes. If you have enough snow in your A.O. and have never tried snowshoeing and hunting I highly encourage you to do so. It will open up a new season of hunting opportunities for you to pursue.

Strapping on 'shoes.

I found this coyote den. The hole looks small but the tracks around it were form a 'yote. If you look above it and to the left, you can see it brought a fresh killed rabbit home just that morning. The blood is visible on top of the snow along with some rabbit hair.

Blood that dripped from the coyotes kill as it walked along this deer trail returning home with it's prize.

Coyote scat.

We walked along through some tag alder and cedar swamp edge. It looked like a great area for hares. I seen some sign that rabbits were in the area so I had high hopes. 

My dad and I flanked each other about 20 yards apart. I noticed a very fresh set of tracks and told him to stay put. I figured he jumped this hare but didn't see it. Hares are notorious for running in loops when pushed and often circle back to where they were first pushed. I figured if my dad stayed put I might drive the hare to him.

No sooner had I taken up the track I spotted my prey! I took a quick shot and paid for my haste with a miss. I must be getting rusty. The hare took off and started bounding back to my left. I started gunning at it and I struck it on the run. It stopped and then it tried to make a few hops. I didn't have a clear shot but my dad did and he made a nice 25 yard off hand shot to the neck, dispatching the hare where it stood.

It's a young one, but we'll take it!

We jumped another hare not too long after that but we never got a shooting opportunity. You can't win 'em all.

All in all it was a fun hunt.

Thanks for taking a look!

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